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Looking across the green lawn of the Grace Hospital at the new Emergency Department entrance.
The New Grace Hospital Emergency Department
Pathways to Improved Patient Experience
The general office area of the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine, Dean's Office.
University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine, Dean's Office: A Case Study
Successful, effective office design should support how an office operates rather than imposing a style that hampers process and culture.
LEED Home in Brandon, Manitoba.
Do LEED Certified Homes Perform as Expected?
Energy Performance Evaluation of LEED Homes in Manitoba
Canadian Wheat Board. Main floor lobby entrance.
The Canadian Wheat Board: A Case Study
The Canadian Wheat Board's Rich History Dates Back to the Early 1920s...
Kerrobert Integrated Healthcente. Common area with dining room and fireplace.
Interior Design
10 Steps for Successfully Presenting Products to Interior Designers
An older and younger woman in conversation.
The Architecture and Landscape of Integrating a Seniors' Community
The evolution of seniors' housing continues
An older woman in her kitchen holds a coffee mug and reads on her laptop.
Current Issues in Seniors' Housing
The Life Plan Community
de Hogeweyk. Senior women, sitting together outside, painting at easels.
Long-Term Care: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Cracks in Long-Term Care are Widening to Dangerous Proportions
Four seniors play scrabble together.
Creating Community: The End of CCRCS
The Future is Intergenerational Integrated Community Housing